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I love the opportunity to work with other Photographers! My goal as a second or associate photographer is to help deliver complete coverage of your clients' wedding day. I'm there to help make things run smoothly, be present when it is impossible to split your time, and provide a second creative perspective of events. My approach to a wedding is to capture natural moments as they unfold as well as provide direction to the Bride & Groom to create more finessed portraits. I aim for my RAW files to be properly exposed in camera, sometimes a half stop or so under to ensure highlights are not blown out. With my Nikon system and shooting RAW,  details are easily preserved. My personal editing style is to create images that reflect the true colors and scenes of the day, but the Lead Photographer may edit my captures to be more aligned with their brand.


+ In business since 2012
+ Lead Photographer in weddings ranging from 300+ people to 11  
+ Moderate experience with Off Camera Flash (OCF)
+ Confident in working with Groom & Groomsmen as a Second
+ Able to capture reception details and follow direction of Lead Photographer


+ System: Nikon
+ Bodies: Nikon D750 (Full Frame) & D7000 (Crop/Backup). Both offer dual slots and I shoot in RAW with the second slot as "Backup".
+ Lenses: Nikkor 85 1.8  |  Sigma 35 ART 1.4  |  Sigma ART 135 1.8 | Nikkor 50 1.8  | Nikkor 17-55 2.8
+ Lighting: Godox TT685 | Yongnuo 560 II  |  Neewer TT560 | (4) Wireless Triggers  |  MagMod Modifiers  | Various umbrella Modifiers, light stands, etc.

Expected Rate: $35-50 / hour

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