2019 Shoot & Share Contest Awards {Best Atlanta Photographer}

I almost didn’t submit to the 2019 Shoot & Share Contest this year simply because it slipped my mind and I didn’t realize when the deadline was until literally 3 hours before it closed. We’ve been pretty busy at my house as we spend most of January getting our house ready to place on the market. My husband accepted a new position over in Marietta, which is only about 30 miles from where we live here in Cumming, GA but the commute for him with the terrible Atlanta traffic ends up being about 1.5 hours each way. It leaves us with minimal time together as a family and we’re looking to make a change to that. All this to say, I debated whether or not to take the time to submit.

I’ve really loved entering the contest because I’m able to see so many inspirational images in the contest and find other photographers to follow. It really helps me stretch and grow and see what I am drawn to and what, to me, makes a strong image. I decided to sift through my photos that I’ve captured over the past year to send in. Many of them I hadn’t even fully edited! But I made it and so began my 5th year in the Shoot & Share Contest.

This contest has grown exponentially since my first time entering 5 years ago. In 2015, there were 110,928 total images submitted; This year in 2019, there were a total of 583,150!!! So the contest is more than 5x bigger than it was just five years ago.

I’m thrilled to share that my top performing photo placed in the TOP 100 in the Creative Projects category. This is the highest I’ve ever placed in the contest, so I’ve very proud. This image was for one of my best friend’s family and it has a very special meaning. In case you’re not aware, a baby that comes after a loss is known as a rainbow baby. Before the loss, Amy’s 3-year-old son nicknamed the baby Milky Way. I wanted to honor their family’s journey, so I created this image for them to cherish.

Top 100 Award  Creative Projects: 56/18262

Top 100 Award

Creative Projects: 56/18262

This was one of the final images I took at this sweet, intimate wedding that took place at Yonah Mountain Vineyards last summer. I knew I wanted to incorporate some Yonah Mountain wine corks and a bottle of their Genesis to have a great summary image of their wedding day. I set this up on the granite countertops in their beautiful tasting room. Extra sparkle in the back is from the wine glasses behind the bar.

Top 10%  Wedding Details: 1644/18829

Top 10%

Wedding Details: 1644/18829

This image was from an adorable barn wedding that I second shot with for Evan and Jenna Creative last fall. I loved the bokeh the string lights created above the cake!

Top 10%  Wedding Details: 1897/18829

Top 10%

Wedding Details: 1897/18829

Little sister was feeling a bit timid during this family photo session at Caney Creek Preserve here in Cumming. We did a little game of running under the blanket to let the kids play a bit and they both enjoyed it!

Top 20%  Families: 5504/41257

Top 20%

Families: 5504/41257

This image was taken at the Cumming Country Fair last fall, where we celebrated my baby boy's 2nd birthday. We let him do the "pull a duck" game to win a prize. He just loved playing with the rubber duckies in the water and the attendant was kind enough to let him play for awhile and then let him pick a stuffed animal. Can you tell he just loved that bunny?!

Top 30%  Lifestyle: 6501/27467

Top 30%

Lifestyle: 6501/27467

The photo below was at a family fall portrait session at Jones Bridge Park in the northern suburbs of Atlanta! The evening was very overcast, but it allowed me to capture some really rich tones with the beautiful fall foliage. This was an in-between capture as I was getting the family set up. Their baby girl kept biting her lower lip; I love documenting personalities of little ones!

Top 30%  Families: 8466/41257

Top 30%

Families: 8466/41257

This beach baby is my littlest, Jace, during our summer vacation in Pawley's Island, SC. Low tide here leave a large, flat shoreline to play and I just love the reflection!

Top 30%  Babies/Toddlers: 8815/41322

Top 30%

Babies/Toddlers: 8815/41322