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Behind the Name

I can find a number of correlations between myself and a sparrow.  A sparrow is social, typically surrounded by others. She is content in her daily bustle of foraging for food and contributing to her nest in an effort to care for her young. She is also adaptable, quick and crafty in flight, creative in her methods to evade problems. Of course, she has a song.  Photography is one of my songs.

Most significantly, my inspiration is drawn from Scripture. Despite being the least in the kingdom of God, sparrows are still cared for by Him (Matt. 6:26-34; Matt. 10:29-31). God continuously provides for them and sustains them according to his sovereign will. If God values them, how much more does he value us? In the grand scheme of the world, I may seem small and insignificant, but I am beloved by my Creator and Lord, just as you are.