Photo courtesy of Sabrina Louise Photography

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Louise Photography

Behind the Lens: Jeannine

I've always had a passion for design, art, and creativity. My artistic eye has been nurtured through my education in interior design & studies in photojournalism. I worked for several years in the kitchen & bath industry designing dream spaces for my clients. After my first son was born, we decided it was best for our family for me to invest my efforts into our children--especially during their little years. The creative side of me yearns to be exercised. I've since rekindled my first love--photography. 

 I have 4 sweet little boys who are 6, 5, 3 & 1! You read that right. Yes, my hands and heart are full! Capturing the joy and curiosity my sons experience as they grow inspired me to launch my new venture in 2012.

A baby won't always have a toothless smile. Your husband may need to prove to your grandkids he once had hair. Your family of two will grow to three. 

Life marches on. You can't do it over. You can't stop it. You can, however, capture it. Portraits in the form of heirloom art make it possible to savor those little moments in time that slip by so quickly. Years from now, they'll trigger a memory, a tale, a smile. I would love to tell your story through my lens!